lördag 26 mars 2016

No Folkkök on the last Sunday of the month (i.e. 27th of March)

Remember that tomorrow there will not be a Folkkök. The schedule is, in short, "all Sundays except the last of the month", so we'll skip tomorrow. But the upcoming dates for April and May 2016 are:


  • 3/4 "Teff" pasta
  • 10/4 Sandwich cake ("smörgåstårta")
  • 17/4 Bean tortillas


  • 8/5 Summer rolls
  • 15/5 Pizza
  • 22/5 Sushi
Note that also May 1st will be without Folkkök, since it's a holiday and many people will instead be out on the streets, marching for workers' rights.

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